Start with Hello Week

September 19th, 2019

September 23-27 is Kindness Week

CLICK HERE to see the flyer!

Mt. Tabor Student Council is committed to helping our students make a difference with their peers by participating in the Start With Hello program from the Sandy Hook Promise. We are encouraging students to take small but powerful actions all week to build our school family. Please consider participating in these events.

Monday, September 23: Start With Hello

  -Say or wave hello to as many people as you can and   tell them something nice. We pledge to start with a   hello.

Tuesday, September 24: Favorites Day

  -Wear an article of clothing that shows what is   important to you. Reach out and ask someone about   what they picked to wear.

 Wednesday, September 25: In My Shoes

  -Wear your favorite shoes to school. As you walk,   think about others as they walk through their own   adventures.

Thursday, September 26: Random Act of Kindness

  -Go out of your way to do something nice for someone   today.

Friday, September 27: No One Eats Alone

  -Get to know someone new

  and join them for lunch so

  that no one eats alone.